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Christmas Cafe

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  • Christmas Cafe
    Building Details
    Level: 7
    Land Required: 2x2
    Road Required: Yes
    Electricity Required: 8
    Population Required: None
    Construction Time: Level 1: 01h 00m
    Level 2: Instantly
    Level 3: Instantly
    Construction Speed Up: 500
    Building Items Required: Level 1: None

    Level 2:

    Wreath x2
    Reindeer x2
    Snow Melter x2

    Level 3:
    Wreath x3
    Reindeer x3
    Snow Melter x3
    Obtaining Building
    From Store: N/A
    From Event: Winter Dream (2021): Complete progress stage 25 under Premium Class access
    From Collection: N/A
    Other: N/A
    Removing Building
    Selling: 600
    Warehouse Cost: 4 800
    Building Rewards
    Yield Time: 08h 00m
    Coins/Passengers: Level 1: 120

    Level 2: 125

    Level 3: 130

    Special Passengers: N/A
    Drops: During event:
    Candy Cane x2
    Neighbour Drops: During event:
    Candy Cane x1
    Bonuses: Maximum population +10
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