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Hydraulic Tool

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   3D Camera
   Access Card
   Baggage Tag
   Basalt Slab
   Biker Jacket
   Board Game
   Candy Cane
   Candy Heart
   Canvas Roof
   Comic Book
   Drum Set
   Festive Cake
   Film Frame
   Game Console
   Gaming Chair
   Goal Posts
   Granite Slab
   Hand Flag
   Haze Machine
   Lab Flask
   Leyden Jar
   Magic Key
   Magic Mirror
   Mail Sorter
   Mosaic Glass
   Music CD
   Old Lantern
   Pharaoh Mask
   Pilgrim Hat
   Plasma Clot
   Pocket Knife
   Red Envelope
   Render Farm
   Snow Blade
   Snow Shovel
   Star Dust
   Video Board
  • Hydraulic Tool
    Event: It Came From Outer Space
    Level: 16
    How to Obtain
    Drops from: Flights: Area 51 (very often)
    Other Sources: None
    Required For: Required for exploring UFO
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