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Cuban Nobleman

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  • Cuban Nobleman
    cuban nobleman.jpg
    Collection Requirements
    Required Items: Cigar
    Cigar Cutter
    Rocking Chair
    Aircraft: Giant
    Destination: Havana
    Other Sources: Small Collections Chest
    Collections Chest
    Collections Chest 46-50
    Hollywood Props Set
    Gold Coins: 2 000
    Experience: 1 000
    Rewarded Items: Vintage Cigar Case

    Side Missions
    Mission NameMission DetailsReward
    1) The Scent of MoneyBring a Cigar from Havana550
    , 340
    2) To the ScaffoldBring a Cigar Cutter from Havana560
    , 300
    3) Consumption and WasteBring an Ashtray from Havana???
    4) Got a Light ?Bring a Lighter from Havana???
    5) A Calming SwayBring a Rocking Chair from Havana???
    6) The Devil is in the DetailGet a Vintage Cigar Case by completing a Cuban Nobleman collection???
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