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Saint Petersburg

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  • Saint Petersburg
    std 03-12 saint petersburg.png
    Flight Details
    Level Required: 18
    Stars Required: 20
    Plane Required: Hawk
    Buildings Required: Flight School
    Items Required: Spare Wire
    Fuel Required: 28
    Passengers Required: 80
    Flight Duration
    Flight Time: 04h 40m
    Catalyst Acceleration: 39m 12s (x2)
    Fuel Speed Up: 56
    Skill Levels
    Specialist: 28 Flights (500
    Master: 55 Flights (Gift Set)
    Expert: 110 Flights (Large Gift Set)
    Flight Rewards
    Gold Coins: 108
    Experience: 83
    Drops Items: All item drops are very seldom unless stated otherwise

    Collection Items:
    Items for Czar Regalia collection

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