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Dark Castle

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  • Dark Castle
    dark castle.png
    Building Details
    Level: 3
    Land Required: 2x2
    Road Required: Yes
    Electricity Required: 10
    Population Required: None
    Construction Time: 01h 00m
    Construction Speed Up: 500
    Building Items Required: None
    Obtaining Building
    From Store: N/A
    From Event: Complete Dark Skies event (2017)
    From Collection: N/A
    Other: Mystery Super Building 8
    Mystic Super Building
    Removing Building
    Selling: 600
    Warehouse Cost: 4 800
    Building Rewards
    Yield Time: 04h 00m
    Coins/Passengers: 26 Passengers
    Special Passengers: N/A
    Drops: None
    Neighbour Drops: None
    Bonuses: Maximum population +20
    5% Residential bonus / Radius 1
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