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The Tribez

Started playing Tribez again from where I left off.

Wow, how confusing is the game now! So many quests showing that don't relate to the island your currently on etc
Yep to many side quest and islands these are the main reason i stopped playing this game.. Before you know you loose the direction and reason to play.this game .
Still got my tribez game thaut i d post some pics




@mo elbo I still play The Tribez also - love it! No pressure, no real $$ spent. I play several times a week, up to level 39 with 4 Islands so far. Finally got a couple of Marble pits!
yes its a more relaxed gameplay because the tasks are endless so i tend to play only a few times a week as before i started airport city it was a daily activity


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yeah i play Tribe Z i love it and i have all the islands open now and yeah there are a lot quests going on but as daft as it sounds i find it relaxing too don't know why i just do lol
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