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Mo1 friendcode 20BIMWHZ1
LVL-80 933stars
Key Buildings : 6planetariums 6trainingcenter CBM-buildings
items needed]-. are usualy writen behind my game name

Mo2- friendcode 20L60J6AB
LVL-80 567 stars
6planetariums 6trainingcenters
Item needed writen behind game name

Mo 3 QLsupportaccount friendcode 20Z267MZ8
lvl 47 111stars
4planetariums 6trainingcenters

All 3 of my game have qls active on a dayli basis and rotate to start launches
so its advisable to add all 3 if you want to join my launches
iam always availble to support forummembers with my 3qls when online

LAST UPDATE 22-11-2022
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