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  • Hi Dave. Since you are one of the main Airport City Attendants may I add you also as a neighbor? My friend code is 20r1jac7z (Sorry). Also, I am still getting the ads after paying the small fee. Can you help? Also, where is the "vip lounge"? I originally contacted Cosmic Blue and he said contact you. I checked with my bank and the charge went through so I thought I should have this stuff available. Thanks.
    Because I paid the small fee, what can I do daily to make up for these losses even though I'm paying? Not sure if the few dollars are worth it then. I'd rather have free 100 units of fuel daily for spending 2 and 1/2 minutes watching. Can you help? Please advise how to make up for losses. Thank you
    Ok. lied to you. Now it is showing the ads in order for me to get the free stuff. It just wasn't working at all before. You know. The "unavailable" grey button. I haven't used anything today so it just wasn't working at all.
    @iambobone , do you mean on the actual game? The forum and game are not connected. The VIP Package is for the forum only.
    Hi Dave! I was trying to choose a gift to send you but I don’t have enough info, neither on your game’s name nor here...
    Hi Dave, are you updating the Forum or is it my internet?! Things just seem off. Best Regards, Nicola
    hi!! my code is: 03mnrytv !! many thanks for accepting and adding! please send me some things and i will do the same
    @Dave sorry to bother you but the forum has been playing up all day with error messages and resource limited reached - not sure if you're aware already?! :)
    Hi Dave
    I lost all my neighbours after update can you give me code of both games?
    Bonjour, je viens de m'inscrire sur le forum et j'aimerais que nous soyez ami si vous voulez bien
    Hi I'm
    lvl 32 with 45 stars
    I'm looking for invites to neighbours with planetariums please

    Code is. Markyboy8163
    Please add me to you accounts please

    lvl 32 44 stars
    looking for daily gifters with planetariums
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