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david smith
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  • Hi, just sent invites to your accounts.
    Would you please accept?

    Kind regards,
    Hi there. I accidentally sent you an attitude indicator. Sorry. While sending gifts today.
    Sorry for sending incorrectly
    Hi, I just sent friend request to Gmrdr for the blue launch, my ID is rxxxxxx. Could you please add me? Thank you very much!
    Hi, I just sent you friend request on your accounts. Could you please add me? A350. Thank you very much!
    I accidentally completed the easter event, so i’m not able to gift sickles to DS2. Checked your other needs, hope they are up to date! :)
    Hi David. I sent you a pm last weekend about me leaving my alliance. I will close it down later today. If youwould like me to trasnfer ownership to you I will, otherwise I will disband in about 8 hours. Thanks for your help. Andy
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