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Wired Parrott
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  • Hi, I sent an invite to your wp2 account. Appreciate if u accept it:) I would love to join ur blue launches. And can you also add me with your main account for gift exchange and visit? I couldn't see your code. My username is: Zeytin11
    Hi, I would be interested in joining in the Friday small launches also, are you willing to add me? Game name: AZ1
    Wired Parrott
    Wired Parrott
    I had answered a post by you a couple weeks ago with my code for WP2. You will also need @Harcourt support account as we alternate starting these launches. In any case you may add 207awu1b in game name "WP2/ NoGift"
    Warm Greetings from Michigan! I am interested in joining your Friday small point launches. Would you mind adding me as a neighbor so that I might participate? Many thanks kind sir :)
    My friend code is 047yjzfv
    Wired Parrott
    Wired Parrott
    I will gladly send an invite from WP2 later this afternoon.
    Hi Wired Parott,
    I am interested in joining future small point launches. Would you pls invite me resp advise your code.
    BR, Pit1024
    hi could you please add me i updated and lost all my neighbors-20t8yvl8 username-angelB
    hi i hear you r doing a green launch with small items please can i join you i have sent you a request !FM# THX
    I would like to be your neighbor.Friend code w15cb5z ,level 60 ,game name Radu/At.Ind/F20
    Do you accept me ?

    Add me as ur frnd. I have just started playing. Will appreciate anything you send.
    Code is : wcp7sxe

    I need : Dispatcher console, Flight goggle & text book.
    Please send it to me :(
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