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COVID19/aka Corona Virus, What's Happening Around the World. ***KEEP COMMENTS CIVIL, PLEASE!

I wonder how other leaders around the world are reacting to this thing.
It seems POTUS isn't wanting to heed the advice of 'medical' experts.
I too would like this to be over by Easter.
I'm one of those in the category of being quite vulnerable to this thing and here with a headache, cough, scratchy throat, but mt temp is normal. However, a diabetic, hypertension, and on ACE inhibitors, I'm scared to venture away from home
Well stay safe and DONT venture away from home. You have one life, preserve it, and ignore your President, listen to the medical advice!
On a positive note, it is nice that in our school district is doing breakfasts and bag lunches for the students at several schools around the district. LOL against the students wishes, I'm sure, the schools are handing out packets of schoolwork.

There are other places offering meals as well and some on fridays will send meals home for the kids to get through the weekend.

I told my daughter for every 4 pages she completes, front and back, she earns an hour of device time.


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Schools closings as of today have been extended to end of April in Maryland. I hope they find a way to educate all of the kids still, I know it's definitely making it harder on all of the parents. As much as I would like this to be all over it seems it may take several months before we are on the down slope. I hope everyone is doing well! I have a 3D printer and am starting to print face shields for medical workers to help out. A lot are using the same mask for the entire shift still.
writing from israel, we are now under full lock down, anyone who is caught by the police leaving his house more then 100m, for no essential purpose such as food shopping or medical reasons, gets a fine of 500 NIS (100 GBP) or six months in jail!
Cars only 2 people in the same car.
if one goes shopping there has to be a 2m gap between them and temperature is taken before entering the store, etrnace to the store is limed to 10 persons at a time!
So far thank G-d only 5 dead but expecting many more
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