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Game name: Madge
Operating system: Android 7
Friends code: Please PM for code. Only accept forum members.
Alliance: All New Tadashi

Level: 80
Stars: 688

Events: finished
Weather item: stabilizer

Gifting policy: First alliance (1), then regular trading partners. If you want a specific item p.m. me first. Please do not send me what you want. I won't send it back. I take time to send my gifts, but if I can't see what you need, you won't get anything. All gifts will be returned but maybe not the same day!!

Items I need:
Buildings- terminal 12: 2 water dispensers

Town Hall 9 : Can send energy saving lamps
Town Hall 10 : Flatbed scanner (x10), Laminator (x10), Paper cutter (x10), Stitcher (x10) Town Hall 11 : High speed elevator (x10), Pneumatic capsule (x9), EV charging station (x10), Air Purifier (x10)

Repair centre : Can send thermographic flaw detector.

Flights- NEED urgently things in

Items I can send:

Building items: thermographic flaw detector, energy saving lamp,
ergonomic chair, TV panels, guest book, calculator, solar cell,
defroster, flatwork ironer, crucible, all-inclusive bracelet, ATM, generator, travel guide, channel bar, video wall, laser level, drill machine, transmitter, sliding table saw, granulator.

Flight items: landing lamp, fuel catalyst, flight catering, spare wire, additional radar, fuel additives, fuel supply, powerful radio transmitter, spare propeller, blanket, attitude indicator, deicer, fruit lollipop, fuel hose, navigation module, oscillating beacon, wireless compass, earplugs, bed, e reader, VR headset, sleeping pill.

Plane repair items: aircraft tire, paint, gyroscope, landing gear

Update 4th September 2019
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