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UTC -5 US Eastern Standard Time

I am currently going through the process of upgrading all my city halls, control towers & Terminals
User NamePLMerryPLM2PLM3
DeviceWindows 10Windows 10Android
Neighbor CodeUpon Request20wr029z404nbxto9
AllianceAngie'sKnight FliersKnight Fliers
Last Updated11 Nov 2011 Nov 2031 Jan 20
NeededInformation Sign, Floor WashersRouter, Arcade Machine, Smart Glass, Podium,
VOIP Phone, Holographic Display, Infrared
Camera, Motion Sensor, Coffee Machine, Observation Drone.
Podium, VOIP Phone, Intercom, Holographic
Display, Laser Rangefinder, Demodulator,
Fingerprint Reader, Stabilized Binoculars, Wall Speaker, Arch Metal Detector
Can ProvidePatrol Drone, Energy-Saving Lamp, Thermo
Flaw Detector, Trackball
Liquid Thermometer, Arcade Machine, Intercom, Hardness Tester.Galileo Thermometer, Wall Speaker, Podium, Riveter, Laser Rangefinder
My thoughts on gift: You send me what I ask for & I will try to do the same in return, but I am human and do occasionally forget to remove the automatic return of the same item.

My priority of giving gifts; 1) Alliance members, 2) Neighbors that give what I need, 3) All others.

I alert neighbors to what I need in one of two was; 1) PLMerry [What I need] or 2) PLMerry SeeSgntr, this asks neighbors to check my signature and means that I need specific item for specific building(s) and need more than I can add to my user name. Once the building(s) are built I will switch back to option # 1)
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