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Cinemania 2019 - Award

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Guys please if anyone have a questions about any event please open a thread here
Because what happen if any member post a question in any award thread will make the staff confused thought that he complete the event and reward him/her.
Please no one reply to the post one of the staff will move the post to the right thread from there can the members answer and post a reply.
@Time shutters sorry that i removed the reward because i did not see your screenshot :) please if you complete the event post the screenshot and me or any admins will reward you (y)


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All done, thanks for the badge. I have 6 of each in my neighborhood if people need bow-ties. Good luck, it's pretty easy. :D FYI, when you complete the event and get your reward, the event disappears. That means if you want the buildings, buy them before completing the event.
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