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Android (friend code is adpfru7)
Level: 79
Can offer:
4 of hearts
Pocket knife

Need desperately for flights: VR headset, wireless compass, additional radar, landing lamp, oscillating beacon, propeller

For level 11 Town Hall is upgraded
Level 11 Terminal is upgraded.
Level 11 Control Tower is upgraded

Items I can send: fuel (3), Fuel catalyst, all inclusive bracelet, computer, pearl earrings, paint, generator, stabilizer, album, landing lamp, copy machine, sandbag, passengers (10), powerful radio transmitter, video wall, spaceship engine, Anti theft gate, Cognac, fuel supply, jet engine, wide angle binoculars, fuel additives, insulation, Spaceship launch console, additional radar,white gold bracelet, smoke detector, spare wire, server rack, landing gear, oscillating beacon, flight catering, packaging machine, navigation module, transmitter, fuel hose, gyroscope, spare propeller, deicer, controller, wireless compass, dryer, blanket, attitude indicator, glazing machine, earplugs, fruit lollipop, sliding table saw, bed, e reader, sleeping pill, vr headset, disinfecting solution


2nd Account: IPhone (active again!)
User name: Chez Air!
Level 72

6 universities

Items needed for flights: anything and everything....
Items needed for buildings: Everything....

Items I can send: patrol robot, machine oil, air conditioner, horn antenna, mayor portrait, passengers (5), fuel catalyst, all inclusive bracelet, atm, single malt whiskey, cockpit glass, welder, tour review, landing lamp, projector, rope block, fuel (20), powerful radio transmitter, video wall, assembly robot, Flight helmet, cognac, fuel supply, jet engine, whiteboard, fuel additives, power source, spaceship launch console, additional radar, make up, smoke detector, spare wire, hull parts, landing gear, flight catering, oscillating beacon, defroster, navigation module, city model, fuel hose, gyroscope, spare propeller, deicer, tv panels, wireless compass, centrifuge, blanket, attitude indicator, screw press, earplugs, fruit lollipop, hammer drill, bed, e-reader, sleeping pill, vr headset, granulator

Launch pad 1
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