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Updated 02/28/19

Game name: CaptS - item
Code: neighbor requests by PM only.
Status: Level 80, Stars 700+

iOS (iPad)
Time Zone: UTC -5

Items needed:

Flight items: OB, NM, SP, FH, EP, WC, AI

Items I can give:
x-ray flaw detector, mayor’s portrait, fuel(3), fuel catalyst, all inclusive bracelet, atm, generator, album, tesla rod, landing lamp, projector, handling line, P(10), powerful radio transmitter, video wall, laser level, flight goggles, fuel supply, wide angle binoculars, fuel additive, power source, optical system, additional radar, oscillating beacon, lining plate, shredder, spare wire, defroster, flight catering, navigation module, master plan, fuel hose, altimeter, spare propeller, deicer, TV panels, wireless compass, centrifuge, blanket, atttitude indicator, crucible, ear plugs, lollipop, edge-banding machine, bed, e-reader, VR headset, sleeping pill, granulator
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