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Cheers, ItsRalphy
Game Name: "ItsRalp" followed by current needs, Level: 80, Stars: 1000, Alliance Member (Leader): Knight Fliers, Platform: Windows PC, Location: North Yorkshire, England, Time Zone UTC/GMT. Friend Code: 20j7zhyj (zero not o), played since: 19/04/2014, joined forum: 28/05/2014.

GIFTS I WOULD WELCOME:- FUEL 20, VR HEADSETS, E-READERS, LANDING LAMPS, EARPLUGS, LOLLIPOPS, BEDS, ATTITUDE INDICATORS, WIRELESS COMPASS (Game name will say which I need most) if you can't send these, I will always welcome any weather, flight or duty free items, or anything! - Thank you!

When you send me a gift you go on my waiting list, unless you are already on it. Every morning I send my gifts to the first 20 players on my list in order of receipt, and cross you off the list. If you send me a further gift and are already on the list, I do not put you on a second time as you are already in the queue - it is the only way I can be fair with just 20 gifts a day.
CONSTRUCTION: Album, All Inclusive Bracelet, Bioreactor, Controller, Glass Display Case, Hammer Drill, Ice Detector, Imprinter, Insulation, Optical System, Packaging Machine, Passenger Seat, Radar, Robot Tester, Sandbag, Screw Press, Server Rack, Smoke Detector, Transmitter, Video Wall, VR Headset, Washing Machine, Welder, Wide-angle Binocs

FLIGHT ITEMS - all the usual including Fuel 20 and Passengers 10

REPAIR ITEMS: Aircraft Tire, Altimeter, Cockpit Glass

DUTY FREE: Filled Candies; Perfume; Skin Care Products
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