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Awarded Almost 1,600 stars, but not really

Hi neighbors,

Today I flew for last time alliance map for stars. At least until GI introduces new plane type and new maps...
My max star number is 1,593. I have not played the Russian event otherwise my max would be 18 stars higher.

I still have few stars to collect but I would like to challenge other players for most destinations with at least one star. Here I reached today my max as well - 531 destinations (of them 500 3*-ed).

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OK. It’s a good number but hang on. The max number Pit himself said is 1593… he’s 1557….. still 36 off and admits he has flights to go… why the banner? I think this question he asked is in the wrong place… he asked a question… not asked for a reward.

Moderators.. the question is NOT give me a banner as I’ve almost finished (only just over 50%) but should be… what is the max number accepted on the forum for the last banner… does it’s number include the ridiculously difficult 1000 helicopter flights? Or should those be awarded a different trophy as they’ll take 10 years to finish….
So is it 1593 as is the accepted number, is it 1548 with NO Airport City helicopter flights included? Or is the number 1578 so not including the Goldfinch 15 stars…. And change the number on the 1600 banner for something more appraise like… All done and dusted!

Pit is not alone at this level. There are several others over 1500, even more over 1400 and a lot more in the 1300 so it’s a sensible discussion to have. Pit doesn’t actually ask for a banner… he’s saying who has finished more destinations with more than 1 star. He has 531. I have 507 to answer your question. @Pit1024.
If can get all the stars in the game (before there is no new destination and map), how many are there?
I don't think there is a definitive answer as it moves and depends on when you started playing. This is because of special destinations that are only available on events. If an event is no longer run, the destinations linked to it are no longer available, but players who have been in the game longer may have 3 starred them. There is a definite total for all the standard, excavation, alliance and space destinations, but its not the absolute total.
Yesterday I earned last star in flight categories regular, adventure, alliance maps, alliance tasks, QL maps and of course space flights.
20 more stars still available from Easter Cheer event (1) and Airport City event (19). I expect next event to be exactly Airport City (helicopter 1,000 flights) and I‘m already planning how to earn some of the stars. I’ll try to earn last 4 Sparrow stars and 5 second Crossbill stars.
If I manage to do that, I will have to collect in the next years 5 third Crossbill stars and 5 third Goldfinch stars. That might take many years (6 at least), so I’m not sure I will keep my motivation.