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Chloe11111 (ipad), Level 80, 1000+ stars, 20 hearts
Game Name Chloe (needed item)

Friend code is only given to people who ask me
Started playing again after several years break. New city started Feb 1, 2020

I send gifts to my alliance members first and my daily exchange next. I receive more gifts than I can return in a day.

If you send me a gift and I don't return it in a day, don't send me another one. I cannot return all the gifts I receive.

If you send me a gift YOU need rather than what I need, it likely won't be returned at all and if you do that a few times, I am likely to delete you

Need - Flight items for condor, tbird and falcon

Building Items I can send - x-ray flaw detector, computer, air conditioner, generator, welder, all-inclusive bracelet, copy machine, projector, dispatcher console, radar, sandbag, guestbook, video wall, flight helmet, flight goggles, textbook, slide rule, server rack, packaging machine, robot tester, stapler, calculator, whiteboard, power source, drill machine, insulation, ergonomic char, smoke detector, album, atm, imprinter, wide-angle binoculars, weather display, optical system, shredder, cash counter, stamp, loader, master plan, city model, amperemeter, lining plate, hull parts, laser cutter, POS terminal, security camera, anti-theft gate, glass display case, cooling chamber, defroster, archive box, fire extinguisher, transmitter, air vent filter, washing machine, screw press, boring machine, granulator, fire alarm, video cube
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