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Level: 80........Stars: 999
Location: Melbourne, Australia......
Updated: Oct 14th, 2019
Game code: PM and ask before adding me or your request will be deleted.

Gifting policy: If you send me something that I don't need/want (but you do), do not expect a return gift. Do your homework!!(y);)
BUILDING ITEMS: bath towel, computer, generator, tour review, dispatcher console, channel bar, video wall, robot tester, guestbook, stapler, insulation, solar cell, ergonomic chair, lining plate, weather display, city model, TV panels, washing machine, glazing machine, hammer drill, granulator
I NEED: . It’s in my game name or... osc. beacon/strobe light & spare prop.

“Whenever I can procrastinate something long enough for it to become irrelevant without repercussions, I consider it a great victory against the universe!”
Robobobo888 (March 9th, 2018)
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