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david smith
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  • Hi thx for the gifts please could you your game gamerader send me F20units and gamerader 2 send beacons I will send you want you ask on your signature page many thx have a great day

    repair base lv 6 pneumatic cutter (3), riviter (3)

    Send me an equivalent
    I'll return
    Hi sorry I havnt returned your gifts, I was grounded for a few days ok now will be gifting you soon
    Thanks for the Landing Gear that from GR2, but I dont need those. Could you send me duty free items? Many thanks
    no more event items thx all done, if you could send me F20 , that would be great
    Hi there please could you send me spare props till i let you know many thx have a great day
    Can you sent me a mayor portrait please.
    It's possible that you need to re-add me, because my game got bugged.
    My friendcode: adhcvpl
    Hi,I would like to be your neighbor.Friend code w15cb5z ,level 60 ,game name Radu/Beac/Aeros
    Do you accept me ?
    Have sent Chocolate Candies to Gameradar2 would like Dispatcher Console
    Have sent Spare Wire to Gameradar would like Travel Guide
    Many Thanks
    Hi David, Thanks for the gifts. I have sent a drilling machine to Raders.
    I don't have anything for Gamerader at present.
    I have sent a friends request to Gamerader2, as I have a Cash Counter I can send.
    My friends code is w6i4ft6 (the third letter is an i as in dig)
    We can then call it quits for a while as I need to concentrate on building my cash for a runway and more jets !!
    thank You for your help
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