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  1. david smith

    Computer hacked & virus - loss of game

    did u back up game to external source?
  2. david smith

    Space Bonus Code - 12-04

    duh, of corse i did 3 time android , ds2 got invalid code each time, ranger1 had a small update, so did windows
  3. david smith

    Space Bonus Code - 12-04

    there is an update for android to get code to work. update on ranger1 code worked
  4. david smith

    Space Bonus Code - 12-04

    space code gave me worthless liquid fuel on windows game:cry:
  5. david smith

    Space Bonus Code - 12-04

    on android game, it reads invalid code, but worked on windows
  6. david smith

    Gameraders lv 5 alliance full

    yes spot open. game invite sent from gmrdr
  7. david smith

    Red Launch Ds2 red launched

    1496 of 3000,capt taken others open, 23hrs 53 mins
  8. david smith

    Amazon, Android, iOS & Windows - April 2021 Trading Thread

    greeper needs furniture factory items https://www.airportcitygame.com/threads/greeper-furniture-factory.41001/
  9. david smith

    Greeper furniture factory

    sliding table saw x5 edge banding machine x5 boaring machine x4 hammer drill x6
  10. david smith

    Easter Cheer 2021 Award

    @Dave @Husam @Chloe11111 @Barkmi4 (Mike) finished please and thanx
  11. david smith

    ranger1 town hall lv 4 completed

    town hall completed
  12. david smith

    DS2 Furniture factory completed

    ds2, it will always say game name then building
  13. david smith

    Gameraders lv 5 alliance full

    gameraders is looking for 1 member who can fly 6,000 to 10,000 pax a week, and 1 or 2 alliance flights a a week, tag , me when sending invite
  14. david smith

    weekend code for 4/2

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