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Mystery Bonuses - All Platforms

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It’s no secret that bonuses are one of the best parts of the entire game. They help players out when they need it the most and constantly widen their options in the game.

The bonus system is highly developed in Airport City. Do you want to increase your maximum fuel level, the speed of your planes or the chances of an item drop occurring from a flight? Or maybe you want to collect the profits from all your buildings at once? Are you unsure of which bonus you should choose? Don’t worry; we’ll tell you where to find the main bonuses and how to use them!


The main game bonuses can be found in the Mystery Bonus and Mystery Super Bonus chests.


Mystery bonus
The Mystery Bonus chest can be purchased from the Sky merchant, Duke Croocker. You can get 1 chest for 8,000 coins, but if you want more than one chest, you can buy more for 5 Airport Cash each. The chest will also be given as a gift for completing the following collections: Cards on the Table, More Precious than Gold, and Liquid Assets. The collection items can be obtained from your buildings or from your friends.
In the Mystery Bonus chest, you might randomly find a bonus that will provide you with certain advantages for a period of time. Let’s discuss each of these separately:

Vintage Weathervane
Vintage Weathervane — Increases the speed of your planes. Parameters:
  • Action Time: 6 hours
  • Number of Flights: 10
  • Speed: + 35%
You can use the Vintage Weathervane both before and after a plane’s departure. Note that it decreases the remaining flight time and not the total time in the air. You can get this bonus for completing the Figures and Figurines collection or purchase it for 8 Airport Cash in Duke Crooker's Airship Store.

Lucky Cap
Lucky Cap — More experience per flight. Parameters:
  • Action Time: 6 hours
  • Number of Flights: 10
  • Additional Experience: +50%
You can get a Lucky Cap bonus for completing the Headwear collection.

Inconvertible Coin
Inconvertible Coin — Increases income from all commercial buildings. Parameters:
  • Action Time: 3 hours
  • Commercial income: + 200%
While the Inconvertible Coin is active, you’ll get 3 times as much profit as usual (100% common profit + 200% bonus)! You can get an Inconvertible Coin for completing the Sports Competition collection or purchase it for 8 Airport Cash in Duke Crooker's Airship Store.

Sky Captain
Sky Captain — Increases experience and the money you earn from flights. It also increases the chances of an item drop. Parameters:
  • Action Time: 1 day.
  • Flight Expo: +100%
  • Flight income (coins): +400%
  • Chances of an item drop from a flight (non-collect): +100%
You can get this bonus for completing the following collections: Sands of Time, Voices of the Past, Super Duper, and Tree of Life.

Golden Key
Golden Key — This bonus decreases the chances of a plane breaking down. Parameters:
  • Action Time: 4 hours
  • Chance of a plane breakdown: –90%
  • Number of Flights: 20

Family Ticket
Family Ticket — Increases the number of passengers from all residential buildings. Parameters:
  • Action Time: 3 hours
  • Number of passengers: +100% (corrected; in past was 200%)
While the Family Ticket is active, you’ll get 3 times as many passengers as usual (100% the usual number + 200% bonus)! You can purchase this bonus for 8 Airport Cash in Duke Crooker's Airship Store.

Robot Loader
Robot Loader — Speeds up the refueling of guest planes by10 times. Parameters:
  • Action Time: 1 hour

Golden Toad
Golden Toad — Income from all commercial buildings is instantly available to collect. Parameters:
  • Number of uses: 1
You can purchase a Golden Toad for 8 Airport Cash in Duke Crooker's Airship Store.

Alarm Clock
Alarm Clock — Passengers from all residential buildings are instantly available to collect. Parameters:
  • Number of uses: 1

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Also on iOS Family Tickets now give double (100+100%) passengers and not 100+200% like they used to do before.
Also Golden Key is working for 2 hours in my game, not 4 as mentioned. And I don't understand the parameters for Number of Flights, for instance 10 at Vintage Weathervane? Is that a max? Because I can send out much more plains with 35% shorter flight time then 10.....


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It used to give a better description in older versions. But it said it increase the chance of an item drop by 100% (think that was the figure), it didn't make the differentiation between collectible and non-collectible, so it increases the chances of every item that can drop from a flight. This is why it is often said to combine bonus', so for events/sidequests you combine Spy Glass and Sky Captain, for Excavation maps (the ones you buy for 2000 coins from Duke) you use Normal Dice and Sky Captain, and, for Adventure maps (that drop from excavation maps) you use Golden Dice and Sky Captain.

https://www.airportcitygame.com/threads/spy-glass-vs-dice-vs-golden-dice.6957/ which backs up what I am saying ;-)

@Gt city I think it may be best to remove the Non-collect from the sky captain info bit.

Also if you look at Alliance ratings, higher rankings get Sky Captain then the rankings that get Golden Dice, which shows GI know it is more valuable than Golden Dice.


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You can get it from the alliance map destinations (as a reward for the 3rd star, several boni are at hand, one is friend in need).
yes and colections thereScreenshot_20190215-201644.jpg
best is to fly with propeller (not need items, low fuel and pax) for it if you have all 5 maps! use advenure spirit x 2 for 18 hours map during, gold dice and wheaterfahn! you can use too buissniss class for more coins and sky capt.
so fly and rock some boxes and s3.
not only this, the 1st star give you 50 catalyst so if you do 250 flights there (5x50)= 250 catalyst (50 for reaching 1st star)
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