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Username: PRC *item requested*
Friendcode: please send a PM to me.
Level: 80 Hearts: 9 Stars: 500+
Device: Android
Last Update: 03/03/21
Member of: Supernovas

Items requested ( highest priority in red )

Repair items: Gyroscope, altimeter, all new repair items

Building items:
Terminal (11): Self-balancing scooter (2), sorting robot (6)
Town hall (8):
Tower (12):

Furniture Factory:
Pharmaceutical laboratory: Air shower (8), bioreactor (0), disinfecting solution (0), granulator (0)

Flight items:
Deicer, Oscillating beacon, flight catering, navigation module, additional radar, fuel, fuel hose, landing lamp, spare propeller, wireless compass, attitude indicator, earplugs

Event items:

Event items:
Ergonomic table
Flight items:
Fuel (3), fuel catalyst, ice detector, landing lamp, p(10), powerful radio transmitter, fuel supply, fuel additives, additional radar, spare wire, oscillating beacon, flight catering, navigation module, fuel hose, spare propeller, deicer, wireless compass, blanket, attitude indicator, earplugs, fruit lollipop, bed, e-reader, VR Headset, sleeping pill

Building items:
Ultrasonic flaw detector, machine oil, massage chair, ergonomic keyboard, intercom, headset, ATM, all-inclusive bracelet, welder, tour review, projector, rope block, video wall, laser level, flight helmet, wide-angle binoculars, insulation, communication antenna, cash counter, stamp, packaging machine, archive box, controller, dryer, crucible, edge banding machine, bioreactor

Repair items:
Paint, aircraft tire, passenger seat, altimeter, differential relay, lamp shade, hydraulic cylinder, autopilot, pilot headset, head-up display, pitot tube, VSI

Duty-Free items:
Eau de toilette, pearl earrings, perfume

Gifting poilicy: I prefer the items I put in my name, others only if they are listed above or discussed with members of the forum. No return to those who violate this. Sorry guys.

Support accounts:
pcs2 *item requested* lvl 52 out of order
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