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  1. M

    Resolved Suspended

    I've got suspended from five fuel rings because I did not accept and send fuel to one person for four days...I believe these rules need some tweaking...by the way I did not miss one day to anyone from joining...I missed total of 80 fuel in five months and got suspended from five fuel rings...
  2. Mr. Softee

    Fuel Rings looking for new members

    Hi everyone, currently I have Fuel rings with open slots Just Let me know you have an account that you would like to enter into the fuel ring and will add you to our spreadsheet. then Add your main account to your support's neighbors then add other people's main accounts to your support's...
  3. PeterTaylor

    What exactly is a fuel ring?

    Hi there, as the title says I am wondering about the concept of a fuel ring. I know that you create a group of pilots who gift fuel to each other but how exactly does it work? Do you gift fuel to everyone in the ring on a daily basis or do you only gift to a dedicated person that changes day by...
  4. DJDave

    General Are Oil Refineries Worth It???

    I'm currently at the situations where I'm no longer able to send out all of my planes in one go because I don't get enough fuel restored while I'm offline (for example, overnight). I was therefore wondering if it was worth investing in one or two oil refineries in order to boost my max. fuel...
  5. GAB

    Fuel ring Startup!

    Hello fellow flyers! I am currently leveling up a fuelring account and was wondering if anyone would join me in a fuel ring? If someone has an open spot in an existing fuel ring I would greatly appreciate joining! :) - GAB
  6. Amit Choudhary

    General Secret Faucet Bonus!

    Can someone plz tell me about SECRET FAUCET. It's mentioned in description that- "This bonus doubles the amount of fuel restored for 8 hours." What does this actually mean?? Thank you.
  7. Mia

    Android Lost Fuel?

    Has anyone else lost their 3 and 20 fuel barrels? All I show is the video offer, 150 and 300. I would like to know if I'm alone in this to send a ticket or if this is from the bad update. Thanks!
  8. gbswales

    What happens to passengers from guest landings if Terminal is full

    Several people have re-assured me that passengers are not lost - I dont see a wy to close the discussion but I am not looking for more answers I have been exploring what happens to passengers from guest landings if your terminal is full. I tried this recently deliberately making sure my...
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