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  • Hi, if you would like to be neighbours please advise your code and I can invite you and then send a blanket
    Hi, please can you send me Snow Shovel from your accounts?
    i am interested in completing the Christmas event.
    Please let me know to which account shall i send you the Event Items
    Friend request
    Hi. I have just sent a friend request. I think that sometime in the past we were friends before I lost my last game. Also interested in blue launches at the moment. Would appreciate your friendship.
    Tom aka Must,_dash
    Hi gbswales,
    Would you pls invite me resp send me your code. I am looking for active members, sending gifts daily and am looking for neighbors for green/blue launches.
    Thanks, Pit1024
    Hi, need your help. I have just launched a Space mission - Green. Not sure how to invite others. Can you help me with this?I'm an everyday Windows player (lvl 55) I keep changing name as per the items i need
    Friend code: 234eekz5
    Hi gbswales, I could return turnstile. Don`t worry anything you send I'll need in the future
    Thx for the gift im having trouble gifting to day the server hasnt reset my game, so i cant send gifts or visit others will try tmr
    i have sent you a request to be friends please except i will join you in the launch
    I would like to be your neighbor.Friend code w15cb5z ,level 60 ,game name Radu/FlCatelyst
    Do you accept me ?
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