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  • Hiya, did you get the neighbour request I sent from Sil4? I tagged you in the daily trading post (28 August), but have way too many randoms that have appeared on my waiting list overnight, so don't know what one (if any) is you! :-D
    Hi! I was looking my neighbor list and found three games with the same avatar. Two games named S4U on levels 1 and 39 and one game named spareprop plz level 62. Are you playing with all three games or I can delete the old levels game?
    Sent you beverage cooler and can continue to send 3 more. Can you send me a few bath towels. Thanks.
    As you may have noticed, I've added you other game since the one game is bugged. Which game should I be sending gifts to, the level 39 or level 44 game?
    Do try the new game to play up to level. 5 And apply for GI with the new and old game code a Restore code. Takes maybe a few days, but has worked well for me.
    Greeting Alw
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