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Quantum Leap Party

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  • Quantum Leap Party (2017) / Space Party (2017)
    Screenshot 2020-03-23 at 23.15.56.png
    Event Details
    Event Host: Professor Klandau
    Event Description: While some corners of the Earth still remain unexplored, outer space is one big mystery just begging to be solved! So why resist it? We don't want to let anyone beat us in the space race, do we? Don't wait any longer: gather friends and launch your own lunar expeditions.
    Event Tasks:
    Event Flights: Lunar Mission
    Event Entities: None
    Event Buildings: None
    Event Currency: None
    Item Sets: Lunar Mission Set
    Rewards: 300 experience, 2000 Coins and an event building.
    2017: Quantum Skyscraper
    Side Missions
    Mission Details No Missions available
    Event Guide
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