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  • Missions for buildings
    Details: Missions for different Buildings

    Control Tower
    Control Tower Level 1Up and Above Tower OneBuild a Control Tower
    Build another hangar, now you have 3
    Hawk PlaneBuy a Hawk plane
    Get turbines from your neighbours Stands x 5
    Sell an Owl and but a Hawk so you have at least 2
    Collect Passengers from any 12 Residential Buildings
    Build another hangar
    Upgrade your CT to level 2
    Jet RepairsUpgrade your Repair Base to Level 3
    Find Microchips in Car Dealerships of your neighbors (x4)
    CT 4Control Tower (Level 4)Upgrade your CT to level 4
    CT 5Control Tower (Level 5)Upgrade your CT to level 5
    Receive constriction equipment from Guest Planes (x8)
    CT 6Build a Control Tower Level 5 (6)Upgrade your CT to level 6
    CT 7Architectural ConcernsUpgrade your CT to level 7
    CT 8Heart of the SwarmUpgrade your CT to level 8
    Upgrade your CT to level 9
    CT 10No VacancyUpgrade your CT to level 10
    Town Hall


    MCC 1.png
    Astronaut Michael MitchelFuel Up the Rocket RideBuild a Cosmic Fuel Station

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