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Suggestion Thread relevant marker

Barkmi4 (Mike)

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There is a mountain of information on this forum, useful to members and guests alike. However, there is an ever increasing pile of information which is simply outdated, and no longer relevant to the game as it stands.
A number of old threads have been brought up recently, some are relevant, others are not. I brought an old thread up on the ‘ministry of truth’ from years back, to try and get opinions on the buildings from players that owned these. I did this because there is very little, to no information about these on the forum, above what anyone can see in game. Annoyingly, the announcement happens the reserve hangar changes hit at the same time so people jumped on the previous posts, regarding RH costs and I never got an answer. The information requested would remain relevant to the current version of the game.

I suggest implementing a marker to indicate a thread was from a previous game version, and may no longer be relevant.
I’m thinking a different background colour on the thread, to make this easily identifiable. This way if something old is brought up, it is easily identifiable to the reader. You could have a sub-tier of moderators, not unlike the wiki editors, that can mark the thread as still relevant and remove the colour scheme. In my head, this will act as an ‘are you sure you want to post here’ prompt.
Personally, I would implement this from the release of V8, and only apply it to certain forums. It wouldn’t be relevant to say the alliance forum. My reason for this is a ‘clean slate’ approach - I don’t think it would be necessary to go back through everything and mark it accordingly- in my head, you would only mark something as still relevant if a new post appears.

I have no idea how feasible this is to implement though. I’m cautious of not wanting to create a huge influx of work to the admin team, which is what formed the idea in the manner described.


Nit Nit

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I, too, was thinking about this. I saw a few posts and got excited, only then to notice how old they were. How about an "auto-close" feature that closes the thread due to inactivity after a certain amount of time, e.g. six months? Users could still view these threads, but not post on them. That would ensure that only active threads remain open and they would still remain relevant to the game. It would require a lot less of micro-management by admins. I have seen this implemented on other forums, so I assume its a normal practice?


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I remember when I was new to the forum last year, and everything was 'unread,' there seemed to be a lot of clutter to wade through. If I am not mistaken most of the old threads that were brought up, were 'discovered' by newer members of the forum. Is it possible to limit searches to post from say the last year, with a link at the bottom something like, "Didn't find what you were looking for? Click here to search older forum post or here to refine your search parameters."

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