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Starting fast ... gathering coins

Having played before to the point I had a robust city, and starting over with knowledge of the game, I thought it would be useful to provide a guide for new players to help build up a robust city quickly. But the first thing to note is that the more hours you play in a day, the faster you will earn coins. It's that simple.

In this game, you will need lots of coins ... lots. These can be hard to come by just sending out flights. And unless you're a billionaire in real life, this is one item that is not worth purchasing in the bank. You will hear lots of advice to launch rockets, but that is only a fraction of what you can earn from other things.

So here are my recommendations for the fastest way (for newer players) to accumulate coins without buying them.

1. Land lots and lots of guest flights.
You only get a few coins from each guest plane, but you get other things that are more valuable. Guest planes arrive in your city every 30 seconds.
  • Guest planes drop items for collections. Some collections are worth 2000 coins by the time you're landing planes on level 6 runways (jumbos).
  • Repair items also drop from guest flights. You will have to repair planes!
  • Guest flights give you passengers or an additional fuel unit to send more planes.
Here is a list of the benefits and rewards from guest flights. https://www.airportcitygame.com/threads/benefits-of-landing-guest-planes.32868/#post-476827

2. Visit neighbors and tap on their space buildings - especially planetariums, mission control center level 3 and red launch pads. Some space collections are worth 2000 coins. Plus, the collections give launch ready sets that contain fuel for space missions. You will need that later in the game. And you can earn lots of coins from space missions ... especially if you watch for the launch parties with multiple QL bonuses (search for that in the forum).

3. Tap the small clouds that float over your city. Every once in a while, tapping on the cloud will drop a denser cloud - an item from the Cloud Atlas collection. Each completed collection is worth 800 coins. Incidentally, nothing drops from neighbor's clouds so don't waste your time tapping them.

4. Buy a Water Park. It's a big building but it is cheap and it produces 504 coins every three days. But you can speed up a coin producing building 10 times every day, so the water park can produce 5 040 coins every day. And if you get buildings that give a commerce bonus, put it right next to the water park and increase the take. Just one building with a 10% commerce bonus beside a water park will make it produce 504 + 51 = 555 coins - each time you collect from it for a total of 5 550 each day. Putting more bonus buildings around it will make it produce even more coins. But don't stop there, if you make sure you collect from the buildings while running one of the bonuses that increases the yield from commerce buildings (like inconvertible coin), you can get a lot more than that.

5. Participate in the events. Even if you don't get the events completed, there are other benefits. You can get bonuses as you progress through events. And some bonuses increase coin production. Find a list of them here https://www.airportcitygame.com/wiki/bonuses/

6. Try to join (or create) a specific type of alliance. The goal of the alliance should be to complete more than 50% but not 70% of the tasks each week. This will give all members of the alliance a bonus that increases income from flights by 50% ... and the bonus lasts all week. So you earn more coins from every flight.

7. Participate in launches. But don't think you need to lead them. That will come in time. It takes completed collections and lots of fuel to get a rocket off the ground. In the early stages of the game, just join other people's launches. Lots of people who thought they were ready to launch on their own have failed and lost their preps and fuel.
  • Build your blue and green launchpads and participate in the launches advertised in the Space Launch area of the forum. Even in 2nd/3rd place in the Apogee (green) mission, you get 3000 coins. 2nd/3rd place for blue missions is 5000 coins. You get a reward even if you put in no fuel.
  • Don't build the mission control center level 3 and red launch pad right away. Upgrading/buying these two buildings costs 600,000 coins. Until you have enough fuel to consistently take first in launches, it will take a long time at lower levels to earn the coins back. The blue and green launch pads are relatively inexpensive buildings.
Also, don't expect to get rich off launches. The maximum coins you get from a green launch is 6,000 and from blue is 10,000. But this is once a day and ONLY if you get 1st place. Mostly, you will be relying on more senior players for help to complete launches and they will more than likely be taking the first place reward.

8. Complete the story missions. You will find a list of these in the top left of the screen. The icon looks like a book. There are some missions you should avoid completing though - at least for a while. Specifically, don't upgrade your own planes too soon. Larger planes require lots more fuel and passengers to fill. And you need the terminal to be able to support that number of passengers and the right level of repair base to fix the plane. Put off buying jumbo planes until you have done a lot with the smaller planes. But DO upgrade your runways to land larger planes (see recommendation #1) even if you aren't flying them yourself. Upgrading runways should be one of your highest priorities if you have time to land lots of guest planes.

9. Do NOT do helicopter flights.
Well, at least don't do them until you are pretty comfortable with your level of income. Helicopter flights are a lot of effort with very little reward in terms of coins. There are benefits to helicopter flights but they slow down the accumulation of coins. There is a "but" here (see this post https://www.airportcitygame.com/threads/should-i-fly-helicopters.38262/#post-517973). If you have a gold subscription, helicopter flights become extremely profitable ... especially when you pair it with a sky captain and tourist visa bonus. You will want to have helicopters in the air all the time. Here's why
  • a standard 10m 12s flight to Banff is 120 coins (profit is less because the items needed to fly there). When you have gold subscription and sky captain, that same 10 minute flight yields 120+720 coins
  • a standard 12m 45s flight to Iguazu Falls is 209 coins. When you have gold subscription and sky captain, that same 12ish minute flight yields 209+1254 coins
  • a standard 1h 16m flight to Denali is 1274 coins. When you have gold subscription and sky captain, that same 1 hour-ish flight yields 1274+7644 coins

Some other (non coin) recommendations to help you along
  • Free greenies - Never forget to take advantage of the weekend code. It comes out on Friday, but you can use that code for the next few days.
  • Check the bank multiple times per day. The bottom left of the bank screen contains free offers a twice a day. The offer can be coins, greenies, fuel and bonuses.
  • Getting the right gifts - You can change your game name to tell people what you need as a gift. My name is Chloe11111 but you will sometimes see Chloe111-lamps or Chloe111-f20 or Chloe111-addradar.
  • Completing buildings - You can watch free videos each day and use toward various things. The number of videos depends on the platform your game is on. If you are trying to complete a building/upgrade, build it with coins first then watch the free videos to get the items needed. Do NOT send those items to your friends in an attempt to get them back unless you have pre-planned a trade. For one thing, they probably don't need those items and they will be forced to give up trading something they actually need to send you what you need. Secondly, they may not be able to send back the same item and you will get a substitute that you probably don't need. If you really need help to complete, ask for it by changing your in game name and use the thread of the forum to ask for help.
  • Electricity- Buildings need energy and energy needs space and space gets very very very expensive. My preference (other people have different preferences) is to use greenies to buy electricity that doesn't use lots of space for what it produces. It's way better use of your very expensive land than buying lots of regular wind turbines for 800 coins that produce only 10 electricity. Watch the store regularly (multiple times per day) because they sometimes go on sale. I made the mistake of spending 30 greenies on a tesla power plant and it went on sale later that day for 24 greenies.
    • Powerful wind turbines - 6 greenies / 32 electricity / 1 square.
    • Solar Power Stations - 9 greenies / 48 electricity / 1 square.
    • Tesla Power Plants - 30 greenies / 300 electricity / 4 squares. (These sometimes go on sale for 24 greenies and is the best value)
It may not feel like it now, but there will be a time in the game where you will have everything upgraded and you will have no more need for gold coins but you will have 50 million of them.


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Buy a cinema.. You get 420 coins a day... but when you click on the cinema you see two buttons. Left green button en right blue button. Click on the right blue one.
You will see an advertisement for 30 seconds. After the advertisement is ended you can collect 420 coins...
Wait for 5 minutes and you can do the same again... This you can do for about 20x a day. So you can earn about 8000 coins a day...
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Buy a cinema.. You get 420 coins a day... but when you click on the cinema you see two buttons. Left green button en right blue button. Click on the right blue one.
You will see an advertisement for 30 seconds. After the advertisement is ended you can collect 420 coins...
Wait for 5 minutes and you can do the same again... This you can do for about 20x a day. So you can earn about 8000 coins a day...
Waterparks yield more coins ;)
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