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Main account : (Iphone): Friend code / User Name : TokyoJon2015
Level : 80 stars : 603
Alliance : Knight flyers

Can gift:
Items for Buildings: Postal Drone, Sorting Robot,LED lamp.
Voip phone, router,headset, ATM,Welder,Travel guide, Dispatcher Console,Channel Bar, Do not disturb, video Wall, Assembly Robot,flight goggles, Stapler,power source,cooling chamber,transmitter,Hammer drill, Ampere-meter,lining plate,flatwork ironer,tunnel freezer.

Duty free:White gold bracelet,cognac,pearl earings.
Flight items :Landing Lamp, passengers 10,Powerful radio transmitter, Fuel Supply, Fuel Additives, Additional Radar, Spare wire, Oscillating Beacon, Flight catering, Navigation Module, Fuel hose, Spare Propellor, Deicer, Blanket,Wireless Compass,Attitude Indicator,earplugs,bed,lollipop,,e-reader.
Repair items :Cockpit glass,Aircraft tire, Passenger Seat, Altimeter,differential relay,lamp shade,hydraulic cyclinder,autopilot, pilot headset,
Spiked tire.

old account no longer playing. : Friend code / User Name : jonallen1966 ,

If you want to add me, please send me a PM .

signature updated 2021-Oct 30
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