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Leaving this game for a while...

Ken Kyu Air

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KenKyu1 (item needed) and KK2 (item needed)
Hi everyone,
As you might have already noticed, I wasn’t quite active for the last 2 weeks. I was too busy with work. This game is fun but it gets boring after a while, everything is too expensive and events just aren’t as fun as they were. So I’d like to take a break at this and move on with my life.

I might still be logging into the game once in a while though, so you might be able to visit me. Please don’t send me gifts as I won’t use any of it, and feel free to drop me from your neighbor list if you want. I had lots of fun chatting, flying and especially launching with everyone in this great community.

I should’ve said all of this earlier, sorry. Hope everyone is doing well.

Best wishes,
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