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Friend code: 03zvas1r5
Game name: D-(items that I need)
Experience level: 64
Reputation level: 20
Skills stars: 250

Looking for neighbours to create a great relationship with and to send and receive gifts to complete building upgrades, complete events and to launch with.

Please include your needed items in your game name. If I am unable to gifts you with your needed items then I will gift 20 fuel in return.
Don’t gift me what you need as I won’t give you back (unless it’s F20).

I have all 3 launch pads and you more than welcome to friend request me and join my launches but NO HIJACKING. Please see the Launch Forum before joining as most of the time there is seats already taken.
If I’m not on a launch and you would like to be neighbours then please message me on the forum or in a private message.

I'm always needing 2 kinds of items:

1. Important items that I need (for upgrading buildings, completing events, flights etc).
2. Items that I always need (used for flights).

Important items that I need:

•This can be found in my game name.

Items I always need:

• Fuel
• Passengers

Thank you to everyone for their support ✈📱
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