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QL Open Party EPIC record breaking launches - COMPLETED


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It's been done before and people still talk about it. Project Madagascar - led by Robby Kusuma. 187 people on one launch. Let's do it bigger. 200+ people on a Green, Blue and Red launch ... all in one day. We will have 2QLs - a bit slower so we can enjoy the moment and have a quick break in between.

Date:Saturday, February 27th
Time:- Green: 12 UTC (7AM EST for people in North America)
- Blue: 2:00 PM UTC
- Red: 4:00 PM UTC
Friend Code:20j5p32on

Please post in this thread with your game name so I will know which requests to accept. Please only send requests from games you plan to join the launch(es) with.

People who want to participate should respond here and watch this post

Here are the rules:
  • Forum launch chat only. We will NOT support any other communication method.
  • Join the launch and wait
  • DO NOT ADD ANY FUEL (anybody adding fuel will be ejected from the launch immediately AND unfriended).
  • DO NOT BRING A QL! That means the day before, don't activate one. We will launch with 2QL only! This will allow us to enjoy the experience ... and take a quick break before the next launch.
Once we have reached our target (300+ people), I will pick a captain. For green, I would really like it to be someone pretty new - or somebody for whom it will be their 100th (3 star) on green. Once the chosen captain puts in 576, others can add 2 or 12 points as they wish

This will take planning. Anybody who thinks they may want to hijack these launches should reconsider. 300+ people in this forum would know who to delete from their neighbor list. Because there is a "no points" requirement, it will be easy to spot attempted hijackers. You will never get in enough points to hijack the launch before you are spotted and ejected.

I would like a few volunteers to capture it on video.
Be glad to join.
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