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Updated: 12/May/2020
Platform: Android
Username: Tair (item need)
Alliance: MiTenRaBo

Friend code: 04fb0i9z
✈ : 80
⭐: 629
❤: 2200 (maxed)

Time zone: + 2 hrs UTC
Please notify me via PM or TAG me when sending a request so I can accept your invite
(I delete all unknown requests without notice). All gifts are welcome and appreciated but please give priority to those printed in Red.

"No matter where you go just remember the road that'll lead you home"

Buildings of Interest
6 x Training Centres
2 x Astronaut Academies
1 x Cosmic Fuel Station
1 x MCC 3,
Red Pad, Blue Pad, Green Pad

I can send:

Clickable Buildings:
Items I need (red items are most urgent):

F20, E-Reader, Earplugs, Lollipop, Bed, Blanket, RDF, Attitude Indicator, Fuel Catalyst, Navigation Module,Spare Propeller
Landing Lamp, Additional Radar, Spare Wire, Strobe Light, Altimeter, Wireless Compass, Gyroscope, Fuel Supply, Fuel Hose,
PHARMACEUTICAL LAB: (for 1/6 factories)
60 x Air Shower, 22 x Bioreactor, 60 x Disinfecting Solution, 18 x Granulator

Furniture Factory
48 x Edge Bending Machine, 48 x Boring Machine, 48 x Hammer Drill, 48 x Sliding Table Saw
Sweets Factory
36 x Crucible, 36 x Glazing Machine, 6 x Screw Press, 36 x Tunnel Freezer
24 x Centrifuge, 24 x Dryer, 24 x Flatwork Ironer, 24 x Washing Machine
Town Hall L9:
4 x Holographic Display, 4 x Intercom, 4 x Podium, 4 x VoIP Phone
4 x Floor Washer, 5 x Information Sign, 8 x Patrol Drone, 5 x Turnstile
Control Tower L13: URGENT
15 x Video Cube, 2 x Time Server, 8 x Monitor Mount, 13 x Compact Photo Printer

Repair Base L7: Complete
Flight Catering: Complete
I Can Send
Flight Items
F20, P5, Powerful Radio Transmitter, Fuel Supply, Fuel Additives, Fuel Catalyst, Landing Lamp, Additional Radar, Spare Wire, Oscillating Beacon, Flight Catering, Navigation Module, Fuel Hose, Spare Propeller, Wireless Compass, Blanket, Attitude
Indicator, Earplugs, Fruit Lollipop, Bed, E-Reader, VR Headset, Sleeping Pill
Repair Items
Differential Relay, Lamp Shade, Hydraulic Cylinder, Autopilot, Pilot Headset, Head-Up Display, Pitot Tube, VSI, Paint, Jet Engine, Landing Gear, Altimeter
Weather Items
Deicer, Spiked Tire
Building Items
Information Sign, 3d Printer, Disposable Shampoo, Air Conditioner, Welder, Great Shots, Projector, Sand Bag, Video Wall, Spaceship Engine, Textbook, Stapler, Insulation, Communications Antenna, Shredder, Stamp, Packaging Machine, Transmitter, Air Vent Filter, Washing Machine, Crucible, Hammer Drill, Air Shower, Exit Sign, Video Cube

Duty Free Shop
Chocolate Candies, Eau De Toilette, White Gold Bracelet
Items in RED and those in my gamename are most needed & urgent
Flight Items
Flight Catering (15 000)
Landing Lamp (5 500)
Powerful Radio Transmitter
Fuel Supply
Fuel Additives

Additional Radar (6 250)
Spare Wire (280)
Strobe Light (500)
Navigation Module (400)
Fuel Hose (530)

Spare Propeller (580)
Blanket (2 190)
Wireless Compass (780)
Attitude Indicator (650)
Fruit Lollipop (4 500)
Earplugs (4 500)
Deicer (230)

Repair Item
Differential Relay
Lamp Shade

Warning System
Hydraulic Cylinder
Pilot Headset
Head-Up Display
Pitot Tube

Weather Item
Duty Free Shop

Code: 20wsggpu

Building Items: Infrared Thermometer, Fire Extinguisher, Hardness Tester, Stabilised Binoculars, Intercom, X-Ray Scanner, Disposable Shampoo, ATM, Welder, Great Shots, Dispatcher Console, Rope Block, Video Wall, Laser Lever, Guest Book, Whiteboard, Drill Machine, Communications Antenna, Cash Counter, Laser Cutter, Weather Display, Archive Box, Air Vent Filter, Dryer, Tunnel Freezer, Sliding Saw Table, Bioreactor

Flight Items: P5, Fuel Catalyst, Landing Lamp, Powerful Radio Transmitter, P10, Fuel Supply, Fuel Additive, Additional Radar, Spate Wire, Oscillating Beacon, Flight Catering, Navigation Module, Fuel Hose, Spare Propeller, Deicer, Wireless Compass, Blanket, Attitude Indicator, Ear Plugs, Fruit Lollipop, Bed, E-Reader, Vr Headset, Sleeping Pill

Repair Items: Cockpit Glass, Spiked Tire, Aircraft Tire, Passenger Seat, Altimeter, Differential Relay, Lamp Shade, Hydraulic Cylinder, Autopilot, Pilot Headset, Head-Up Display, Pitot Tube, VSI

Duty Free Shop: Pearl Earrings, Cognac, White Gold Bracele
Gifting policy: MiTenRaBo gets first preference - ALWAYS!

My launch rules PLEASE NOTE WELL:
If I start a launch I'll close it after 30 minutes unless I'm warned
If I start a launch and add >576 = Tair, Mokone1 or ZFM - Tebza2 is captain

If I start a launch and add <574 = Anybody can captain but I'm claiming 2nd or 3rd place
If I start a launch and add <400 = I'm just a host (all spot are open and 576 rule applies)
If you see me flashing a QL "THE LIT SERIES IS ON" feel free to join
If you see me without a QL it is "MY DAILY GRIND IS ON" feel free to join
If you feel that you would like to captain on my launches JUST LET ME KNOW
I delete anyone who tries to hijack any of my launches without a warning
I am responsible for making sure all my pads are launched thus if you are a captain and I cannot reach you I reserve the right to pass you and launch

Fast launches - if I have on my pad more than 2qls then no rules apply

100 open boxes results (this is an on going research and we really need you to also participate)
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