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7.0 update is out


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So, I am on V7. All seems to transfer OK, BUT - beware. All my F20 that I had in gifts as "unopened" turned into F3.
If you want to update, you should somehow use the F20´s.
As for refunds - I received 100k for runway 5 and 2k for every heart hangar four card hangars from event.
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Friend Code
- 5 greenies and some additional items for the brave upgrader :)
- 500 coins per card hangar
- Easy opportunity to increase your max. pax by building parking lots (you start off with the max amount you had)
- Additional levels available for Control Tower (at least, I thought the max. was lvl 13, but I now get the possibility to upgrade to lvl 14 for 6M coins)
- Additional Terminal levels available also: I can now upgrade from lvl 11 (with max. 1500) to lvl 12 Terminal (with max. 1700) for 5M coins)
- Lots of free space on the (previous-) airport / (current-) technical side.
- My hangars were upgraded without boarding bridge, which costs 5500 coins for the first one (gradually going up in price for each additional one). So this can become a little bit expensive for some.
- Electricity-needs seem to have exploded: I don't exactly know what I had in the previous version, but I am now short nearly 70 power-units so I have to build additional power supplies before I can buy / upgrade anything.
- Ground Control building (to automate servicing of planes and heli's) is not added automatically, but only costs 300 coins.

For the rest: The upgrade seemed to go smooth for me. I did collect all my outstanding gifts, so no chance to check the F20->F3 bug mentioned above. Started off with 56 fuel in my fuel-bar and after the upgrade and the tutorial-intro it was 59 so don't know for sure whether or not it continued to count.
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