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The Land of Opportunity 2019 - Award

Windows PC
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The next award is all ready and waiting for those that complete The Land of Opportunity 2019.

Just post your screenshot below once you have finished the event. You have one month after the even finishes to claim.

Good luck everyone!

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All started in early 20ies (1920). My field was very long and very narrow. Not very practical for any farming.
but there were these airplanes, a new flying vehicle that some farmers were using to spray fertilizes on their fields.
All of this was new. the last great war has brought several new revolutionary methods for the agriculture.
But the plane were using roads to take off and land. there was accidents.
So I proposed to use my field for the plane. having let grass grow, and keep it short.
All became easier then. All surrounding planes began to use my field. One farmer even bought a tank to store and distribute fuel for everyone.
All plane were parked on one side of the field, and several paint marks were delimiting where the planes shall take off.

Then one day, a pilot came to me, to ask if he could bring people by aircraft up to there and back. I saw no issues, so I accepted.
At the beginning, this transportation were very rare, but very constant.
Later on, I was contacted by a company. The neighbouring town was becoming bigger and bigger, and it wanted to open a regular line with a bigger plane. They asked to have a radio and weather control to land, but of course, I will be paid for each movement.

So it was easy. Bought a small weather station, build a small hut, and put an antenna for radio, and this was ready.
Quickly, two other companies came to my now airfield. We build a big house, used to welcome and handle the passengers, then several hangars next to it, to repairs any broken aircraft.
I have even bought the neighbouring fields, to have more place for all technical building. Now, my initial field was only the main runway.

Then 1942 came, and the war with it. I was contacted by the federal administration. They wanted to use my airfield for military purpose, and offered to replace my grass runway with a concrete one, in exchange to use the airfield. They even bought more field to store all military aircraft.
At the end of the war, all belong to me.
with a concrete and long runways, I was now able to accept long range plane, able to come from Canada or Mexico. Of course, I begin to upgrade all equipment.
A control tower was build. and the initial house has become a terminal with several decks and station to allow pax in and out of the plane.

Later one, a second runway was build, the terminal was upgraded again More airlines were opened, and now a train line was connecting directly to the city.

Now, I have maybe not the biggest airport of US, but it is still a nice one, grown from nothing at the beginning.

Maybe it is was what we call the land of opportunity.

(i was quite inspired for this event. Was quite hard, the Millstone was refusing to come from guest flights. Got my first (of 30 items) yesterday, and complete the two missing today
Thanks for the reward)

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