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Remove automatic pop-up ads


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I shut the game down as soon as an ad pops up. When I open the game back up, the ad is gone. 👏👏 That way I don’t have to wait the 15-30 seconds for the annoying ad to play. 😉
So on my support accounts they appear whenever exiting the hanger and also when collecting a free reward from the bank.

They do not occur on my main account, so my thinking is
1) it some how ties to you spending money on the game, either greens, subscription or event premium class perhaps. Not sure which but this seems the most likely scenario.
2) it's tied to the device somehow, maybe they are trialing several different options for how these ads will work, so people are getting slightly different variants on the same theme.

All my support accounts are on a separate device to my main, it is a different model but from the same manufacturer.

Might be interesting to gather data to see if we can work out what's causing it.

Given its so consistent in that it happens in the above situations (assuming I have a connection) I can't see it being a bug at this point.

Regardless it's annoying to the point in tempted to either disconnect that phone from WiFi and only connect it when I need to, or block ads and only allow them when I want to use one for speed ups or what ever.

There is something I found to deal with them(on Android at least, probably also works on iOS), which seems to be quicker than waiting for the X to appear, and more consistent, as the X doesn't always appear. If you hit the home button then go back into the game the advert has stopped. It's annoying, but quickest way I've found.


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I just got a pop up ad again


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For my 1st time I have bought myself anything from Apple devices, but only an iphone and a very inexpensive one thru straighttalk as LG pulled out of the market

However as I have just now thought of an IOS version and only for support I think I'm between 5th and 6th levels and like WOW Ive never seen so many ads on NJ billboards than I see on those levels.

All I wanna do is take it to T20 level to send others as i know my lol SE 6fgb isnt gonna take all the updates So i keep minimal features and pass out fuel
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