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Neighbors with Planetarium Needed

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  2. iPhone
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I just restartet APC after a long break, update was not possible so I began from lvl1.
Luckily the airports of my kids could get updated.
We have very empty friend lists, already offering some planetriums/tc, more to follow.

Could someone add us - or shall we send invitations? How is it done best?
My Code: Conny 037q5r470 (4 Planetariums / 1 TC)
Children: Maras 03sh81si (4 Planetariums / 1 TC)
Cora a5porpm (5 Planetariums / 1 TC)

We will accept invites from active forum players (also without planetariums).
Please tag or PM me after invitation.

We already sent FR to @Ispmark, @mo elbo, @Timeless, @andy8758 @Dancing Dolphin @Etshk @Pavolko_Gun
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  1. Android
Friend Code
I also just restarted the game. GI was so kind and transfered xp, coins, greens, event buildings to my new airports.

I can offer
5 planetariums, 1 training center, 1 astronauts academy at Jessa <items> (code 0442yx8ex)
5 planetariums, 1 training center at Julia <items> (code 042w6xeru)
and a lot of space in my friend lists.

Please feel free to add both, but please tag or pm me after invitation :)

I already added @Ispmark @Timeless @andy8758 @Bythesea .
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