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Flight Catering Ring


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Do u think i can set one?
Go to your first post in this page edit and write that you doing catering fuel ring and how many players you want in this ring.
Then copy the link for this page go to the windows trading thread and Android & Ios thread post the link there and write about the ring.
Post the link in the main trading thread then more players will see your catering ring (y)
After 2 days post again the link for this page to remind others (y)
Dont post in event pages or guide just on tradings threads (y)


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@Sudip Ring makes a sense when it's easy to create a support account for it. To send Catering, you need level 20, something that requires dedicating fair amount of time into.
Also, you can simply build 6 Catering Facilities which will yield up to 12 Caterings per day at no extra effort. Not many players would find running another account worth it.
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