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  1. vayka1

    8.9 out on Window, iOS, Android

    Yeah, i thought so too. I've 5 games on different devices (Android) and 4 of them crashed after the update, playing some several minutes. Couldn't send gifts out, lost gifts after the crash. Sorry to my friends that didn't receive a gift from my games. Trying gifting again after reset tomorrow.
  2. vayka1

    To all pilots beware

    Merry Christmas to everyone. 🎄 🎅
  3. vayka1

    8.7.17 update available on ALL platforms

    @Major Tom, it didn't.
  4. vayka1

    8.4 Update is Out

    @Fly Holland, AC is downloaded from Google Play on all my games, so i just have to wait for the update. If it ever comes!!!
  5. vayka1

    8.4 Update is Out

    @Fly Holland, i live also in The Netherlands and i don't have the update yet in Google Play.
  6. vayka1

    8.4 Update is Out

    No update for android yet.
  7. vayka1

    Android Game not updating even though its updated

    @mark22, you must update your game through Google Play. I think that's why you've got problems.
  8. vayka1

    Update 8.3 Preview - Dark Skies

    Not many people are understanding the Dutch language, so i've answered his question. Hoi @ronny27, zaterdag 31 okt. is het Halloween en het evenement duurt ongeveer 14 dagen. Dus ik vermoed dat het maandag of dinsdag wordt vrijgegeven. Even nog een dingetje. Er zitten hier wel enkele Ned. en...
  9. vayka1

    Update 8.3 Preview - Dark Skies

    Hi @Rizzi87, relax, i'm not going to kick you out of the Alliance. Just play the upcoming event and have fun! If you can do 1 task it's OK and if you don't, it's also OK. Happy flying and good luck in the new event.
  10. vayka1

    Update 8.1 is out

    I'm confused!!! When you update your game(s), you can read that the event is ending on 10-19-2020. However the game itself says 6 days and 13 hrs.!!! Anyone else has seen this? My games are all on android.
  11. vayka1

    SKYTRAVELLER Alliance has 3 spots open for next week

    Hi all, My Alliance SKYTRAVELLER has 3 spots open for next week. It's a relaxed one and the only rule is, that you can at least finish 1 task a week. If you can do more, i'll be appreciate that!!. Owner of the alliance is vayka1. So feel free to join. A bonus is every week there. Thanks in...
  12. vayka1

    Update 7.24 is OUT!

    Glad to see you again. Will accept you.
  13. vayka1

    Update 7.24 is OUT!

    Hi all, I've just started my game AYON1, which is on android and the event Riding the Comet is there. No need for visiting Google Play. Only 1 thing.................the event will expire for me in 6 days and 3 hrs.
  14. vayka1

    Update 7.23 preview

    Thanks @Arch and @Chloe11111 for your comments. Will check the Mask counting regularly. @Chloe11111, it also happens sometimes in my games that Alliance flights aren't counting, but when i visit Madlen and go back, they are counted.
  15. vayka1

    Update 7.23 preview

    Hi all, don't know if this issue is only affecting my games, but the Pharao's masks aren't counting anymore for the battle.:mad::mad: Is there anyone else who has the same problem??? I didn't like the new way for playing the Quest at the first place, but still 5 days and 21 hrs. to go and you...
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