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  • Hi Tom,
    Can you add me?
    Name in the game: aDarekK, lvl 80 /1017 stars
    code 04dygkqx

    Please turn it on bonus QL,if possibile
    It's saturday night ,i will not stay still for 2,5hours
    A bit of compression Tom
    Thank you
    Hi Tom,
    My 2nd game minime lost all neighbors and GI support said they cannot restore friends list.
    Would you please add minime (code: 040ghx0q )
    to your game?
    Thanks in advance.
    Tom can you help out with transferring my Android game from phone to phone? I have an old Motorola an i am trying to transfer to Samsung Galaxy J3. Any advise as i am only getting Airport City App and no progress when i have transferred. I have tried Smart Switch and Syncois but both give the same results just game app
    I cannot, Neil. I had AC on a Samsung Galaxy Tab for a while but the device went bad a few months ago and I tossed it. (The Home button stopped working.) I know how to restore on iOS but not Android. Cheers, Tom
    Hi Greensmith (TOM).Could you add me as a neighbour if you have room.Name BARSOLE ;code is aeowyyp lvl70/412/9.
    Thank you !!!!
    Tom I have had problems with captain ne2 and the game has been reinstalled.
    I don't have tomgifter5 as a neighbor anymore, I have tried to add againbut no go.
    Could you try from your end so you don't waste any gifts or send them to someone else
    how do I get a Building that gifs 4 greenies
    The Casino, Bank and Mint are offered every so often for sale ... usually for gold and silver tokens. There's no telling when the next sale will be. Cheers, Tom
    Ha Tom , how can i change Phil G to my game name is this possible as i cant find a way to change it, many thx
    While a player on Android can change their game name, a player on iOS cannot. I do not know about Windows PC or Windows Mobile. Perhaps if you ask the question on the Windows daily trade thread? Cheers, Tom
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    Hi Tom, I'd like to have you in my neighborhood :)
    I didn't know Windows PC could be neighbors with iOS. True? If so, my neighbor code is Waverly huff
    Try it! Cheers, Tom
    Hi greensmith,where can I find some hints to increase the coins when I launch the red one ? Thanks.
    I'm not an expert on the red Lunar launches, but I believe the only way to increase your coin reward is to come in high in the ranking. In other words, if you come in first you get the most coins ... second you get the next most coins ... and so on. Cheers, Tom
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    hello ..
    pls add me as your neighbors.

    friend code : aalm14s play on android
    I added you but I'm not sure it took. Did you get the invitation? If not, please add Waverly huff (my game name). Tom
    I found you on my neighbor list so it did work. Welcome to the neighborhood! Tom
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