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  • Hello Khiez
    I would like to be your neighbor and help in trading,
    I have sent you a friend request, my in game name is Macintoshman
    Many thanks
    You have seen hell and made it back again How to forget? We can’t forget The lives that were lost along the way be the light
    Thanks so much for the Defrosters to my support game. I have now been able to complete my Flight Catering! :)
    Hi... Still not received a defroster from you. Sorry to hear about your problems with your airport. I have visited you today, sent you fuel20 and sending gifts every day to you... Are you receiving my gifts?
    Hilary (hilsbilz)
    Hi Have sent you a landing lamp.. I have not received a defroster as yet, but Im not sure if youve sent it yet...Hilary (hilsbilz)
    Hi Please is it possible to send a defroster.. This is the last item required to complete my flight catering.. Ive sent you fuel20... Thanks.. Hilary (hilsbilz)
    i will send it today to you but i am not sure if my gift can not be collected as i got the problem with the game recently.

    if you can received my gift pls adv. thank you
    Thanks for the gift.
    For today I already sent my gift to you (assembly robot).
    I will sent a solar cell when the next day in my game
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