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Town Hall - All upgrades


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@Cath I'm so disappointed that no one is posting here for you! :cry:

Town Hall level 4 (support game)
Need: 2 Master Plan, 2 City Model, 2 Shredder, 2 Stamp
I know Mia think many members are not upgrading as they use Grand Hotel to help with population :( well I shall have to fly for item and hope it drops :)


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I need items for the town hall level 9. I can return intercom for level 8. Check signature for updates. I have all items for level 8 but waiting on coins to upgrade, in the meantime I'm trying to get ahead with level 9.

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KuGy Itemneeded
Hi, can someone send me 8 of 3D Printers and 2 of Energy Saving Lamps for Terminal L9? I have enough Postal Drones and Hand Dryers, these are not needed, but I also accept Terminal L9 and Control Tower L9 stuffs as well. Please pm me before sending a request. Thanks!
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