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Removed from own Alliance!


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Anyone had this before.... I noticed my Alliance was showing 19/20 members and I couldn't work out who had left then realised it was me! I never the left the alliance even by accident and I am still shown as the Leader and have my fellow members listed under the alliance tab in my neighbour list. I also still have the Alliance tasks button but I am out of the gang and can't add myself back in.

I'm on day three of waiting for a useful Gi response, any ideas? (maybe there's been a coup!)

No I can’t. If you look at my city I’m still shown as in the alliance. I wonder if it’s just best to transfer leadership and see if they can add me back in.
Thats a good idea. Except youll lose this weeks flights - maybe. Nothjng to lose. Its sathrday and gj won't do anytanything ore monday and its Christmas.....

We didnt report it as it got repaired with no damage. Appears to have been a bigger problem. How many others...?
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