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Red Launch Red Rocket Carnival: Weekdays From Cape Carnival


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And there she goes! Thanks to @Ssam04 's generosity with his QL, we will be back in a little over 2 hours. We will be on the pad tomorrow very early for preboarding (usual 17:00 utc launch time). I will take 2nd and @PoorOldJim is up for captain. Let's sign up


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Here is the lineup for Tuesday's launch. Please select your spots so that we can have a smooth departure. I will be on the pad at 17:00 utc. I would advise to set an alarm for 5 mins before the scheduled time to be prepared or to state in the thread that you can't make launch. Please read the launch rules before signing up for a spot. I need at least 6 participants.
Launch rules located here:
Launch Rules
New additions shown in purple
1) Launches will be done on my pad (NV7). If we have 10 or more people, a second rocket will be placed on Ssam04's pad (Ssam04). If he isn't available (usually on Fridays), Aviatrix will take his place as the 2nd rocket (Skpr). See Section 10 in regards to handling overfills and the 2nd rocket

2) For now, launch time each day will be 17:00 UTC (16:00 UTC when we switch to Daylight Savings Time), starting on Monday, November 5, 2018. We will launch every Monday through Friday, and have the weekends off. We will wait 10 minutes after launch time for late participants to join. After 10 minutes, your spot will be taken by someone else, and we will proceed without you. If time creep becomes significant (past 18:30 utc), we will take a break the following day, resetting the time back to 17:00 utc

3)Points: The points spread for all launches are given below. If we have more than 8 participants, then the remaining points (132 points) will be spread amongst the positions 8 and below. Those points will be determined when the launch list is posted.

Reds (default points)
#1 (936 pts)
#2 (576 pts)
#3 (576 pts)
#4 (256 pts)
#5 (256 pts)
#6 (134 pts)
#7 (134 pts)
#8 (48 pts)
#9 (48 pts)
#10 (48 pts)

4) Positions will be assigned one day prior to each launch. You can call for a position in the daily public thread as soon as I have made the announcement to pick your spots. I will not consider position requests made before I made this announcement, including Sunday morning biddings. I need all participants to stick around until the rocket is launched, as we often need to LFT Load (explained below in Rule #7). After each successful launch and 6 participants have signed up, you will see a list with the assigned positions shown for the next launch. No list posted means there will be no launch that day, as we always need 6 participants. If you are assigned 8th place and below, please only put in 12 points and wait for everyone else to get into position. Once everyone is in position, add your points up to 48. If done correctly, it should launch us.

5) Captains have one restriction. Captains can't claim captain for two launches in a row, unless nobody else wants to be captain, which means the spot will still be unclaimed at liftoff. I will always take captain on the Monday and Friday launches. The other days are yours to select, and I won't fly as captain on those days unless nobody wants it.

6) Newcomers: New participants are always welcomed, but they must join the Captain's Queue and wait their turn to become captain. Read Section 9: Captain's Queue for more details.

7)Large Fuel Tank (LFT) Loading: LFT loading is a procedure in which all launch participants add an LFT to their points until the rocket lifts off the pad. This is only done once all participants are in and have deposited their assigned amount of points. Once that is done, it is up to me to decide when LFT loading will commence. Always wait for my message stating so. We will always keep adding until we launch, but DO NOT ADD if you will hop over someone in launch position. Wait until they add, and then keep adding if need be.

8) Violators/Hijackers: If I see any unusual activity on the pad in terms of points addition, the person will be removed, no questions asked. If you made an innocent mistake, I will let you participate, but address it with all who are affected in the public thread, and we can make amendments in future launches.

9) Captain's Queue
-The Captain's Queue is the secondary list where each of you will sign up to be captain on a constantly rotating list.
-I will not be included in the rotation, since I have Mondays and Fridays already
-If you are set to be captain, you MUST partake in the launches of the other participants. You no longer have to partake in the previous day's launch, but if you only launch with us when it is your turn for captain, you will be removed from the queue without any notification.
-If a launch gets canceled due to low participation, you will be moved to the next available day (Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday). Mondays and Fridays are not negotiable.
-If I lose a launch day, I will NOT take one of your launch days. I will work only with the days that are mine.

10) Overfill and The Second Rocket
If we have 10 or more people sign up, a second rocket will be introduced to the pad by Ssam04 (Monday through Thursday) and by Aviatrix (Fridays). Here is how signups will be handled.
- For the second rocket, I will move people over based on their initial requests first...on a first come, first serve basis.
-If all else fails, I will move the bottom portion of the list to the 2nd rocket.
-The person next in the queue will take captain, so when more than 10 people sign up, an extra person from the queue will be captain. I recommend that you partake in the 2 launches just before your turn to be captain, in case your shot at captain comes early.
-Whenever a second rocket is used, the host (Ssam04 or Aviatrix) will always have 3rd place locked. They will still be in the queue for the time being, unless the 2nd rocket becomes permanent. I will keep tabs on the list of both rockets, so no worries about getting things mixed up.
-During a launch, please only comment in the thread if something is wrong. With two launches going on, I would like for only the hosts to comment to give clear instructions to those who need it. Pay attention to your host, based on the rocket you're assigned to!
-With 2 rockets, it's imperative that all participants are on time! We will load up based on the arrival of the latest rocket, and we will be very strict with the 10 minute time limit.
-With two rockets, LFT loading will occur pretty much everytime, so be prepared to put in more points.

I know it seems like a lot at once, but once you've participated in a couple launches, it will become second nature....and it is highly efficient in regards to reducing time and cost to launch. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask. Thanks and look forward to working with you all.(y):D

Tuesday December 2nd, 2019
Rocket 1 (NV7)
#1 (936 pts) @PoorOldJim
#2 (576 pts) @Navigata07
#3 (576 pts) @BDS Air
#4 (256 pts) @BDS Air (support)
#5 (256 pts) @salars
#6 (134 pts) @novagator
#7 (134 pts) @A350
#8 (48 pts) @
#9 (48 pts) @
#10 (36 pts) @

Rocket 2 (Skipper)
#1 (936 pts) @
#2 (576 pts) @
#3 (576 pts) @
#4 (256 pts) @
#5 (256 pts) @
#6 (134 pts) @
#7 (134 pts) @
#8 (48 pts) @
#9 (48 pts) @
#10 (36 pts) @

Captain's Queue
1. @A350
2. @novagator
3. @Jim G
4. @BDS Air
5. @Awesomerowend
6. @Aviatrix
7. @Dodo
8. @PoorOldJim
*extended absence
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