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Username: Bertus ZA
Friendcode: 03x4wkss3
XP Level: 80 (Hearts: 30,Stars: 290)
Time Zone: UTC+2
Device: iOS
Alliance: Wabbit Flyers

Last Updated: 15 February 2020

Gifts Required: Fuel 20 and/or whats in my game name.
Contact me if you want to arrange a formal trade agreement.

Space Launches:
Participating in the Red Rocket Carnival 3+ times a week (see forum post).
NOTICE: If you join my launch and I've added 576+ points, it is an indication that I want to be captain (unless otherwise communicated).

Side Accounts
Bertus II: 200avv33d
(forum members welcome)
For support with space launches (green, blue, red) and sending daily gifts.
No gifts required, please send gifts rather to primary. Can gift up to Level 48.

Also host of the 🇿🇦Flying Springbok alliance, an alliance that strives to be in the top 1000 one day.

Bertus3-DJCJ: 03xb2ylo (by invite only)
Bertus4-Matthew: 035zduisx (by invite only)
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