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Suggestion Group permissions/owners

Barkmi4 (Mike)

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Barkmi4 *items*
@Dave , if I’ve asked this already I’m sorry.
Is there a way to have joint group owners, or change the moderator permissions to allow a moderator to add/remove people from a group?

There are a few groups I’m a member of which would really benefit if more than 1 individual had the ability to add/remove members. Often ownership is transferred to try and get around this, but sometimes life takes a hold and the owner is away for several days.

Other than the codes group I started which is somewhat unique in its purpose, I’ve found the current moderator privileges are hardly used (if at all) by anyone other than the owner.

There is no obligation of course, but for me personally the ability for a moderator (or other ‘rights’ group) to add/remove members would be of benefit.

If others agree/disagree I’d be interested to hear your views.
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