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Covid19 : To all friends, stay home, work from home

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Hi all
as things are not stabilized world wide till today due to Covid19, i ask all friends to avoid extra missions/ tasks outside the house.
the Covid19 is spreading fast and till now no cure, once it hit, all you got is 21 days; either your immune system destroy it or you are out.
i would like to thank airport city game as it’s really one of the games that can make the time pass nice and smooth, there are alot of activities can be done at home too with family, or even alone.
if you can work from home that will be perfect then you can save yourself, try to to avoid crowded places and keep a safe distance

stay home, be safe and enjoy your time home.

i wish airport city send a massage to all player via the game asking them to stay home if possible to minimize the spread of this disease, it will be a very good initiative from the game owners to keep their player safe and increase their player awareness

thanks all and God protect us all :)

Pilots, do you think this is a good initiative to increase our awareness ?
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I too am keenly aware of Covid19 and it's seriousness in real-life. I too enjoy this game and it looks like I will be playing it because the physician canceled my an unrelated diagnostic test. But I'm not here to whine or brood about that or this entire situation. I am here to play a game.

Would you want your game interrupted by "great social message" number 1,001 because that's a road that this can all goes down. And I will be honest in saying that I see this as something to relieve some of the pressure and DISTRACT me from this reality where I follow the standard precaution and I try to keep myself informed..

There is more to life than this Covid 19 virus and many other health conditions. I know that all too well because I LIVE with some health conditions and this is NOT a platform for that.

Let me put this to you another way. If your daughter is getting married, would you like me to make a speech discussing the seriousness of an issue that has NOTHING personally related to the couple? I think you have the best of intentions but sometimes, the best intentions have consequences you don't expect.

Now if they want include health related in ads, I'm fine with that and to some extent, I can expect that.
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